Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Well everyone, it's been good. But life is getting busier and I'M GETTING MARRIED! :D So, this blog is coming to a close.

THANK YOU to everyone who stuck around, reading posts, commenting, offering feedback. It's been fun! And who knows, maybe there's another blog in the future. :)


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

No Other Will Do Book Review

Bethany House Publishers recently gave me a copy of No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer to review.

I have always enjoyed the light-heartedness of Witemeyer's books. No Other Will Do was no exception. The book was easy to get into right from the start. I enjoyed the humor.

I like how Emma, the main character, and Malachi had a friendship from the start. Even though it's easy to guess when characters will fall in love, it's enjoyable when they have a deep-rooted friendship and not merely a romantic entanglement. It helps make the relationship more believable.

Although a bit bland at times, the story kept a pretty good pace and it was an easy read.  There was romance, suspense, and humor. If you enjoyed Witemeyer's other books, you'll want to check out No Other Will Do.

Disclosure: Although I was given the book to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

People's Choice Beef Jerky Review

People's Choice Beef Jerky recently gave me a chance to review 6 of their products.

Old Fashioned Original: As soon as I opened the package... yum! What a delicious aroma. The jerky flavor matched in deliciousness. It had a rich, jerky flavor without an aftertaste. It only had 1 gram of sugar (cane sugar). A serving has 16 grams of protein!

Old Fashioned Hot and Spicy: The hot was there as I just began to put the jerky in my mouth. After eating a few pieces, I was almost going to say that it wasn't as hot as I thought it'd be, with a title like it had. But I was wrong. Whoa. The hot and spicy stayed in my mouth for quite some time. This product is great for those who like hot foods!

Carne Seca Limon: Yum. This jerky had a slightly sweet/tart flavor. It was addicting and hard to stop munching. It offers 16 grams of protein per serving as well.

Carne Seca Limon con Chile: This variety had a hot, with a lightly sweet, taste. I really liked the taste of it.

Tasting Kitchen Siracha: The more I chewed, the hotter it became. Another great variety for those who like hot foods! The texture seemed a bit more tender than the other varieties.

Machaca: Ever hear of shredded jerky? Neither had I, until I received this package from People's Choice to review. I tried it on eggs, as it recommended. It was a tasty addition. It also added a good texture to my salad.

The jerky is chewy, but still tender enough. The varieties I tried had no preservatives or additives (no nitrites!). They are gluten free and all natural. The ingredients are simple. The jerky is minimally processed and handmade with Angus beef from Nebraska.

Side note: Since there are no preservatives in the above, I'd recommend refrigerating them after you open the package. If you don't go through the whole package in one sitting, that is!

The varieties I was given to review did not have nitrites in them, though some of their varieties do. They have individually-wrapped beef sticks available as well. Check People's Choice Beef Jerky out and let me know what you think!

Disclosure: Although I was given the jerky to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Monday, June 27, 2016

VivaRoses Review and Special Offer

VivaRoses recently sent me 4 dozen beautiful roses to review as a rose ambassador. I was thrilled when they contacted me. What girl wouldn't want dozens of roses??

VivaRoses is an online website that specializes in roses. The roses I chose were In Perfect Harmony. I really liked the pretty pink with the off-white.

My VivaRoses came packed carefully. The flowers started to open up as the days went on. They seem to be long-lasting. I've had them for near a week and they're still gorgeous! Though I was disappointed that they never seemed to fully open up. They do give a nice, light sweet scent.

You can order VivaRoses in a variety of sizes, and they offer an array of colors that are perfect for your special occasion. Personally, I plan to use the petals from my roses for my wedding!

Now how about a special offer for you? If you go through this link, you will receive a code for 20% off your order of VivaRoses!

Note: The roses came with a few discolored petals around the edges. These are called "guard petals." Once they are plucked off, you can see the full beauty of the roses.

You can find VivaRoses Facebook here and on Twitter here. Check out their gorgeous variety of roses, then let me know what you think! They even offer red white and blue bouquets. :)

Disclosure: Although I was given the roses to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello, Readers!

Hey everyone, it's Becca.

So, we are once again going through changes. Moving forward, I will be the only one doing the blogging, as the schedules of my sisters have become too busy.

There are potential other changes coming, so stick around!

And let me know: What changes would YOU like to see? 

I plan to keep it a review blog (at least for the most part), but would appreciate specific feedback from you readers. 

Thanks for the input! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Magnolia Duchess Book Review

Revell recently provided me with a copy of The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White to review. 

Cover Art

The Magnolia Duchess started interesting and draws the reader in to Fiona's life right away. Unfortunately, it then slowed too much for my liking. It was hard to stay interested, though things did pick up a bit about halfway through.

Personally, I don't like how it jumped between so many characters. The dialogue also felt on-the-nose at times, which I didn't care for.

Two things I really liked about The Magnolia Duchess were the humor and chivalry of the main male character, Charlie, and the bits of Scriptural wisdom dispersed throughout. A big thing that attracts me to books is when they add humor to the characters, and this book did that.

I liked the part on page 151 that said, "God the Creator had move in history, through an impressive succession of flawed humans, to accomplish a grand design that Charlie could only guess at." The book displayed how God works through situations.

The love story between the two main characters was sweet and appeared quite realistic.

Again, many of the things I listed negatively were my personal preference. If you've read previous Beth White books or this one sounds interesting when you go to Revell and read about it, check it out. It might be a good summer read for you.

Disclosure: Although I was given the book to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Reluctant Duchess Book Review

Bethany House Publishers recently gave me a copy of The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna M. White to review. At first it was hard to follow all the characters, but it got easier. The story flowed smoothly and was easy to keep reading.

Cover Art

I like that there was humor in the The Reluctant Duchess. The characters, especially the main male character, Brice, had a good sense of humor. 

There were some solid biblical lessons, such as trusting God and listening and obeying His voice. I also like that Brice, displayed strong faith. He was an honorable gentleman, something I always appreciate in the books I read.

It was easy to sympathize for the main female character, Rowena. Her story seemed real and it was easy to root for her and be happy with how things turned out for her.

The Reluctant Duchess was a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, from start to finish. There were no dull moments or moments that really dragged on. 

I like the solid substance the book offered. It wasn't just a light read, but, as stated above, spoke solid biblical truth. I like the quote on love, which reminded me of 1 Corinthians 13:

"Maybe it wasn't a feeling, wasn't an emotion- if it were, it would be changeable, fleeting, like anger or happiness or sorrow. But it shouldn't be. Couldn't be. Love had to be firmer than that. Which meant that love, like faith, couldn't be based on feelings." (page 298)

Looking for an historical fiction read? Check out Roseanna White's The Reluctant Duchess

Disclosure: Although I was given a copy of the book to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.