Friday, October 31, 2014

The Bouqs Flower Company Review

Out of all the things we have reviewed, I must say, I was most excited to review a bouquet of flowers! So when The Bouqs Co. gave me the opportunity to receive a free bouquet from them to review, I was thrilled.

The flowers came, carefully packaged in their box.

When ordering, you can choose when you want the flowers to arrive where you are sending them. The earliest date being just 1 week from when you order.

You have the option of sending a personal message with the bouquet. Mine came with a message from Bouqs, but here is what your message would look like:

The Bouqs Co. has such an amazing selection of absolutely beautiful bouquets! It was hard to choose which of their beautiful volcano varieties I wanted to review.

Want to see what I chose? Good, because I want to show you!

They get even more beautiful as the days go on! These pictures were taken a few days after I received the bouquet:

Beautiful! They stunned me when I came home from work and saw them more gorgeous than the day before. I would say they stayed at their peak for about 4 days.

Eager to browse more beautiful bouquets? Go here!

Disclosure: Although I was given the bouquet to review, all opinions and reviews are my own. I am participating in their affiliate program, so I may earn from anyone who purchases from my affiliate links.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Journey Bar Review

Journey Bar recently gave us the opportunity to try out three of their savory nutrition bars. I love the idea of nutrition bars that aren't completely sweet. So often I eat this kind of product when I don't exactly need to have a sugary snack, I just need the nutrients - and, often I am craving something more savory, too.

All three of these bars that we received are gluten free, non-GMO, and soy free. They are also vegan.

The Coconut Curry bar has a sweet, mild flavor with just a hint of heat. The texture is soft and chewy and really good.

The Rosemary bar has a flavor that reminds me a little of the dressing that you eat at Thanksgiving time. It has a good, light flavor. The texture is soft and just a bit chewy.

The Sea Salt bar tasted a little sweet for a savory bar. It sort of reminded me of a flavored cracker, but it didn't go well with how sweet the bar was, in my opinion. I did like the crunch it had, though. 

Thank you, Journey Bar, for this great opportunity - and for offering nutrition bars that are different from the rest out there!

Reviewed by Emily

Disclosure: Although we were provided with the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Golden Valley Natural Beef Jerky Review

Jerky is such a tasty snack, and it is usually low in calories and high in protein, too. The only problem... nitrates aren't supposed to be the healthiest, in fact, they are supposed to be pretty bad for one's health. 

It is so great to know that there are brands out there that make jerky without the addition of nitrates. Golden Valley Natural is one of those brands, and they recently gave us the opportunity to try out a few of their jerky products.

The jerky that we received had a real, good jerky flavor. The texture was what you expect from jerky, too.

We received both turkey and beef jerky, and it is nice to have the option to choose between the two. The turkey tasted very similar to beef jerky.

The Black Pepper jerky (available in both beef and turkey) has an especially good flavor with just the right amount of spiciness.

The Original also had a bit of spiciness. Just right. Delicious flavor overall.

Personally, I cannot tell the difference between jerky with nitrates and jerky made without, so why not go with no-nitrite jerky like Golden Valley Natural?

Thank you for this opportunity, Golden Valley Natural!

Disclosure: Although we were given the jerky products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paint Shop Nail Polish Review

The Etsy shop, Paint Shop Polish, recently gave us the chance to review a couple bottles of their fingernail polish.

Right away, I noticed that the packaging was really fun. From Hello Kitty tape on the envelope to pink packing peanuts to purple bubble ran and a zebra print business card. So fun and girly, with so much thought put into it all.

All of the nail polish at Paint Shop Polish are free of the chemicals camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde resin, making them a much safer polish. You can tell the difference in the scent (or lack thereof). While it still had a scent, it wasn't as potent as most nail polish.

The polish dried super quick after being applied, which I appreciated. I also like that it can be removed with regular nail polish remover.

Here are the two colors I tried (Sweater Weather and Naked):

The shop offers so many more fun choices. Like this one:

Fight Like A Girl! - Pinks, Black, & White Glitter Topper ~benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation~

And this:

Godric -Red & Gold Holographic Glitter Topper -Harry Potter inspired Collection LIMITED EDITION

Check out the colors! There is free shipping on orders of $15 or more! Just use the code at the shop.

Reviewed by Becca :)

Disclosure: Although we were provided with the polish to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Domata Gluten Free Flour Mix Review

Domata recently gave us the chance to try out their gluten free flour mixes. All of these mixes come in such cute and colorful boxes - and all of them work out really well when you are doing gluten free cooking and baking.

The Pizza Crust Mix makes gluten free pizza making tasty.
This mix only needs the addition of water in order to be turned into a pizza crust, and it develops a really good flavor. The only issue that we had with this mix is the fact that is supposed to be rolled out and then placed on a pan. That didn't work for us, so we simply patted it into our pan like we do with other gluten free pizza crusts.
The crust was light and well flavored and makes it easy to have gluten free pizza at home at any time.

The Recipe Ready Flour is perfect for baking. 
I tried it in one recipe calling for all-purpose gluten free flour and it worked great. I also wanted to try it actually substituting one cup for one cup of gluten flour, so I used a non-gluten free recipe for shortbread and it turned out great! 
This flour is handy to have around and it really works well as a replacement for "regular" flour. 

The Seasoned Flour tasted delicious on chicken! It ended up being the best homemade chicken I have made. 

There's a couple things I would change for the recipe on the back of the box, though. I cooked the chicken for 10 minutes longer than it said. Also, I could've used more of the milk/mayo mixture and less flour. Other than that, it was delicious, with just the right amount of spices, and very convenient. The recipe helped make the chicken really tender. Yummy!

Thank you, Domata, for this opportunity!

Reviewed by Becca, Emily, and Bethany :)

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Little Duck Organics Review

Little Duck Organics recently gave us the opportunity to try out some of their products - and they sent along some extra fun, too - a few stickers and a little rubber ducky.

I love the colorful packaging of these products! Seriously, it makes the fruit so much more appealing - to kids, but also to adults.

I love the size and shape of these fruits, how they are safe for consumption for toddlers. Recommended for those over the age of one, they make a super easy, healthy, finger food for young children.

As an adult, I must say that I enjoyed the fruits as a healthy and convenient snack, but I also shared them with my little nieces. My three year old niece really loved the strawberries and the "little banana things" - a.k.a. mangoes. ;) She liked the apple pieces, too, as well as the pineapples - and she loved the ducky stickers that came with our package.

These Tiny Fruits are gluten free! It can be so hard to find snacks that are free of gluten - especially snacks that young children will love.

These snacks are non-GMO and they are organic - so you can feel good about the food that you are giving your children.

The bags that this fruit is packaged in are resealable, which is really nice, and they would be great for traveling - a healthy snack to keep kids content while you are driving.

Thank you, Little Ducks Organics for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were provided with the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.