Monday, August 3, 2015

Colavita Review and Giveaway

We were recently sent a Colavita dinner basket to try out and review.

In addition to the products that were included in the dinner basket that we were sent, this brand offers so many other products. Colavita offers organic coffee, cheese, beans, teas, and more.

I love that the dinner basket that was sent to us has most of the ingredients that are needed to create a real, nice dinner. This would make a great gift for any couple, individual, or family.

The Balsamic Vinegar comes in such a cute bottle. I really like the look of this, and the size. This is such a quality product, one that is easy to recognize as being something special.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a good, smooth flavor and consistency. I really liked the richness that this added when I drizzled it over pasta. I love the look and feel of this bottle. I love the size. I really like this product.

The Orecchiette pasta has such a fun and unique shape to it! This stuff is a different kind of pasta, not the cheap stuff that we sometimes buy at the store.
I just wish that these were available in gluten free.

The Marinara Sauce that came in this basket has delicious flavor. I love the way that the tomato shines, I love the slightly chunky texture, I love the simplicity. This is great sauce to add to any Italian meal.

Want to win a dinner basket of your own? One containing the items featured above? Enter for your chance at this great prize! Three of you will have the chance to win.

Looking for new recipes to try out? Check out the Colavita recipe library!

If quality food is what you are looking for, take some time to check out the Colavita Facebook page.

Thank you, Colavita, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Redmond Product Review

Redmond recently gave us the opportunity to try out a variety of their products - and they also sent us a nice cutting board that will certainly come in handy!

This company offers some pretty amazing products. I really love the way that they offer such great, natural items. The nutrients that are found in their plain, natural salt alone make this company special.

The flavored salts are delicious. They offer great flavoring options, and I really like the fact that the salt is included right with the flavor. Adding the Onion Salt to black beans when they are cooking in the slow cooker helps to boost their flavor.

The Peppermint Hand and Body Soap has a fresh, minty scent to it. This soap is foamy, sudsy, and clean. I really like the way that it works and the nice feeling that it leaves behind on hands.

The Lemon Twist EarthPaste has a good citrus flavor. It tastes really fresh and bright, it leaves your teeth feeling perfectly clean, and it is a great alternative to mint toothpaste if that is not something that you enjoy using.

The Wintergreen EarthPaste has a sweet, minty taste to it. I really like the fact that this has a wintergreen taste to it, rather than peppermint, which is more common for toothpaste. This is different and special, and it leaves teeth feeling clean.

Thank you, Redmond, for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Red Plate Foods

Red Plate Foods recently gave us the opportunity to try out a few of their products.

These products are allergy friendly as they are delicious. They are nut free, gluten free, vegan, and full of amazing flavor.

The Chocolate Vanilla Swirl is delicious! I love the fact that this granola has real chocolate chips in it. So rich, tasty, and full of flavor. This granola is a great snack on its own, but also delicious as a breakfast, with milk.

Oh my, the CranOrange muffins were delicious. These muffins are super moist and soft. These muffins have a hint of orange flavor with dried cranberries mixed in. These muffins are topped with a sweet cinnamon and sugar mixture. These muffins are amazing, and you certainly can't tell that they are gluten free. I would eat these every day if I could.

The Vanilla Berry Granola has great flavor. I really like the sturdy bag that this is packaged in, and the window in the packaging that allows you to see the product. This granola is crunchy, chewy, and tasty. It is everything that you want in a sweet and fruity granola.

Thank you, Red Plate Foods, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cattaneo Bros Beef Jerky Review

Cattaneo Bros. recently gave us the opportunity to try out their beef jerky.

This brand offers a variety of products, including beef jerky, turkey jerky, dried fruit, and more.

Cattaneo Bros. has been around for more than half a century, creating quality food products.

The Original Extra-Thin Cut Style of Beef Jerky is chewy and tasty. It has a simple, classic flavor. It is a really good snack.

The Natural Style Beef Jerky is thick and chewy. This has all of the flavor that you expect from any jerky, with a great texture.

The Hot Pepper Extra-Thin Cut Style was delicious. As with the others, it did not leave an aftertaste. It was hot, but not too hot. Just hot enough to give it a good flavor.

The Black Pepper Beef Jerky has a delicious flavor to it. Yum! This stuff is a little bit spicy, with good pepper flavor to it.

If you love jerky, Cattaneo Bros. offers a Jerky of the Month Club that sounds really cool.

Thank you, Cattaneo Bros., for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Two Foodies Review

We were recently given the opportunity to try out and review the Pizza Dough Mix that Two Foodies offers. As lovers of pizza, we were very excited to try out this mix.

This mix is wheat and gluten free, and it is also free of dairy and soy.

I really like the fact that Two Foodies has video demos right on their website that help those working with their mixes.

The mix was really simple to make. All that you have to do is combine the ingredients with some olive oil and water and mix it all together. It came together quickly, and then it was easy to roll out and get on the pan. I love how simple and quick it was to come together. My nieces and nephew were over the day that we made it, and we were able to get supper on the table quickly with this mix.

The pizza ended up nice and thin. The taste and texture seemed just like a gluten-filled pizza. While some gluten free pizzas can be really disappointing, the pizza made with this mix is something truly special.

For us gluten free pizza lovers, this mix definitely offers something new and different.

Thank you, Two Foodies, for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cook Simple Meals Review

Cook Simple recently gave us the opportunity to try out four of their meal options.

I love the fact that there are "convenience" foods available for those who are eating gluten free. Really, I have never seen anything like this offered from any other brand. It is so great, especially for busy families.

One thing that is really nice about these meals is the fact that their bag can be used to measure the water that is required for cooking - it has marks right on it that show you how far up to fill it. In the end, very few dishes are dirtied while cooking these meals.

We really enjoyed the Southwestern Tamale Pie. I had never really thought to make anything like this on my own before, but it was really delicious. The bean portion was full of flavor, and the cornbread on top had great texture. We added a bit of beans to the mix, in place of meat, and it worked out well. This is a little bit hot and spicy, simple to make, and delicious to eat.

The Cowboy Chili has a variety of textures to it, which makes it really interesting. It is full of flavor, with a warm taste to it from the cinnamon. I was surprised that there aren't a lot of beans in this, considering the fact that it is a chili, but it is more focused on the quinoa.

The Sloppy Joe mix created a hearty blend of beans, carrots, and tomato. This was sweet and full of flavor. I love the fact that this can be made without meat, giving vegetarians a sloppy Joe option that actually tastes like the real thing!

The Skillet Lasagna became more of a lasagna soup for us, as we chose to go without the meat. We topped ours off with a bit of shredded mozzarella. This was saucy and cheesy, with a bit of noodles in it, and it contained all that you expect lasagna to contain. The spices in this one were a little overpowering.

Looking for some quick and easy meal options for your gluten free family? Cook Simple has a lot to offer!

Thank you, Cook Simple, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick

We were recently given the opportunity to choose a couple of products from Red Apple Lipstick and try them out. We picked two of their lipsticks, excited to check out two different colors.

These products are vegan, gluten free, and paraben free! I really liked the tubes that they come in, too, as they are sleek and solid and easy to use.

In addition to the products that we chose, Red Apple Lipstick also offers eyeshadows, mascara, lip pencils, and more.

The Red! 101 Lipstick is a truly bold color. The red that this brings about brightens up the lips and really makes them pop. This color is smooth, dramatic, and fun. It's really something that helps to make the lips stand out.

The Sweet Pea Lipstick has a really pretty color to it. It is a little bit pink with a peachy, almost orange look to it. This lipstick is easy to apply, and it looks great when it is in place. I really like the finish that it brings, one that shows up but is not too bold.

Looking for more information about this great brand and the products that they offer? Check them out on their website, or at one of the links below!

Thank you, Red Apple Lipstick, for this great opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.