Friday, August 28, 2015

Shelton's Review

Shelton's recently gave us the chance to review a variety of their poultry products.

I like how there are no nitrites,  preservatives, or artificial ingredients in the Shelton's products. Or as their slogan goes, "Our chickens don't do drugs."

I also like the high amount of protein in their products and I think it's cool that Shelton's is a family business.

This jerky wasn't as hot as I expected it to be, though it was still hot. It had a good flavor. I like that it didn't leave the taste some natural beef jerky leave.

I liked the peppery flavor of this jerky. Like the above, I like how it didn't leave an aftertaste.

It had a very mild flavor. I like that it offered 6 grams of protein.

Had a definite pepperoni flavor. Perfect for pepperoni-lovers!

There was a good flavor to this turkey stick. It had a mild jalapeno taste.

I like how it has almost 20 grams of protein in one serving. It is packed with meat and beans, making it a great filling meal. This chili was mild, with a good chili flavor. I like how it was not very acidic, as I have known some chilis to be. I also like how it's just beans and meat with the tomato juice; there are no chunks of anything else, like tomatoes or onions.

For hot chili, I expected this to be quite a bit hotter. But either way, I enjoyed it. Personally, I like that it wasn't too hot. It was spicy, just not really hot. As with the other chili, I was happy with the good amount of protein (18 grams).

The chicken had a good flavor and was moist. I like how convenient it was! It came in handy when I was making a chicken salad.

Shelton's also offers a variety of other poultry products, including turkey burgers, chicken hotdogs, turkey meatballs, and whole turkeys and chickens. 

You can order online or find a store that sells Shelton's here. If you're looking for healthier meat to feed your family, definitely check them out!

Thanks, Shelton's, for this chance to review your great products!

What product above interested you the most?

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coco Polo Chocolate Review

Coco Polo recently gave us a variety of their high-quality, fair trade chocolate bars to review.

I like that Coco Polo's chocolate contains no sugar. It's sweetened with stevia. I like how the ingredients added to this chocolate are healthy ingredients... coconut, baobab, chia seeds, almonds... you name it.

The 70% Cocoa had to be the best dark chocolate I have ever tasted. It was so rich and smooth and creamy. It had the dark chocolate flavor, but was sweeter and not as bitter. I'm a fan of dark chocolate and would recommend it to anyone else who is.

The Milk Chocolate bar is amazing! You certainly can't tell that this is sweetened with Stevia (not that you can tell with any of these great bars...) The bar is creamy and delicious. It is definitely made from quality chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate and Almonds offers a great combination of chocolate and nuts!

The Milk Chocolate Cherry Bar is creamy and sweet and delicious. The chocolate is smooth and melts in your mouth, and the cherries are tart and yummy.

The Dark Chocolate Quinoa bar has a great crunch to it, in addition to the delicious, rich, chocolate flavor.

The Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar has a bold dark chocolate flavor that is mixed with a warming ginger taste. This is definitely a unique candy bar, and it is something that I think works well as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

If you like smooth, creamy chocolate, the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut is perfect for you! It was so rich and smooth, with bits of hazelnuts.

The 70% Dark and Baobab was very sweet. I didn't know what baobab was, but I learned that it is a superfruit. It added a berry sweetness to this chocolate.

The Dark Chocolate Coconut and Chia was very good. I like the coconut flavor and the texture the chia gave it.

The Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs is great for dark chocolate lovers! The nibs give it a bit of lightly crunchy texture, mixed in with the great dark chocolate taste.

The Milk Chocolate with Almonds was delicious. Rich creamy chocolate with bits of almond pieces. Perfect.

The Milk Chocolate with Quinoa was good. The quinoa added a good crispy texture to the rich milk chocolate.

Sometimes things that are sweetened with stevia leave an aftertaste in your mouth. Not so for these chocolates. They could easily be mistaken for sugar-sweetened chocolate in flavor.

Hungry yet? Check out Coco Polo products here! And you can read about the great ingredients they contain here.

Thanks, Coco Polo, for the chance to review these great chocolate bars!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Java Frost

Java Frost recently gave us the opportunity to try out some of their drink mixes.

In addition to the mixes that were sent to us, Java Frost also offers a variety of other products, including Swiss White Cocoa, Peach Lemonade, and a Pumpkin Cheesecake drink. All of their products sound truly amazing.

All of these products are gluten free, and handcrafted in the U.S.A..

The Pomegranate Lemonade has a delicious, fresh taste. I love the way that the pomegranate flavor adds to this lemonade. This is different from any other lemonade drink that I have ever had, and I really enjoyed it.

I was really looking forward to trying the Lavender Lemonade has a sweet flavor with a floral taste. I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this drink. This drink is sweet, slightly sour, and very refreshing.

The Cha Cha Chai is sweet and creamy. It has a hint of spiciness to it, which I really liked. It is so rich, smooth, and creamy. I blended this with water, but it tasted as if it had been blended with milk.

The Dulce de Leche is super creamy! We made the iced/blended version of this, and it created a rich, smooth, sweet drink. The flavor of this is really unique. This is definitely special when it comes to drinks that you can make at home for yourself.

Thank you, Java Frost, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Runa Product Review

Runa recently gave us the opportunity to try out three of their drinks.

These drinks are all natural, organic, and non-GMO. These products are made with guayusa, a superleaf that has twice the antioxidants that green tea has, and the same amount of caffeine as coffee.

The Clean Energy drinks have a tea flavor to them. They are tasty and healthier than most similar drinks out there. I think that these are perfect for in the morning, giving me that burst of energy that I need to get my day started right.

We were given the Berry energy drink to try out, and we loved the flavor and the healthiness of this drink. I enjoy trying a variety of energy drinks, and I think that this really compares to some of the other drinks out there in regard to flavor, and it stands above them when it comes to taste.

We were not given the Orange Passion drink to try, but I wanted to highlight it because it sounds so delicious. Definitely something that is unique in the energy drink world.

If you are looking for a healthy option when it comes to caffeine and energy, check out all that Runa has to offer!

Thank you, Runa, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Date Lady Review

The Date Lady recently provided us with some date products to review.

It has a rich, fudgey sweet flavor. It is very smooth and would be great in a variety of ways: on ice cream, as a dip, or just by the spoonful!

This syrup is also very versatile. I used it to sweeten my smoothie. It worked great! It could also be used in baking, on ice cream, or in a variety of other ways. The only ingredient it contains: organic dates.

These dates are very moist and soft. They worked great as a sweetener in my smoothie too, though I'm sure they would be delicious in many other ways, including eating plain. They would be good when craving something sweet!

I never had dates with pits in them before. I was surprised how easy they were to pit.

The Date Lady also offers products such as date sugar and caramel syrup. You can also find recipes, such as macaroons and gluten free muffins, on The Date Lady's website. Check them out!

Do you like dates? If so, do you think you'll give The Date Lady a try?

Thanks, Date Lady, for this chance to review!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Urban Accents Food Product Review

Urban Accents recently gave us the opportunity to try out a variety of their great products.

This company has a great choice of products available, and the items that we choose worked out well together for a fun evening snack.

In addition to the products that we are reviewing, Urban Accents offers products like meat rubs, flapjack mixes, and various spices.

First of all, I love the Popcorn Boxes that were sent to us! They are super easy to assemble, and they bring such a fun feel to that homemade popcorn snack. I know that our nieces and nephews will love these.

The Very-Berry Strawberry Lemonade and Margarita Mix is quick and easy to mix up - using just the mix and water when making the lemonade version. The drink is sweet, but not too sweet, and it has a delicious flavor that is a slightly sour mix of lemon and berry.

I love fluffy popcorn, so I really liked the Fluffy Golden Jumbo Popcorn that we received! This popcorn puffed up nicely. I made the popcorn on the stove top, in a kettle, with a little bit of olive oil. The popcorn is non-GMO, which is really nice.

The White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning is all natural and gluten free, and I love the way that it flavors popcorn. It has a nice, salty cheese flavor.

Thank you, Urban Accents, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Through Waters Deep Book Review

Revell recently gave me the opportunity to review Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin. Set at the beginning of WWII, Through Waters Deep offers a touching love story with a bit of mystery.

Cover Art

The book starts rather interesting, though the characters, including that of the main characters, Mary and Jim, seem a bit forced at first. As the story progresses, however, they come to life and the love story between Jim and Mary comes to life and feels realistic. The era of the 1940's is felt through the characters, setup, and the situations.

I like how Through Waters Deep kept bringing to light the importance of trusting God. Mary and Jim both had to learn that trusting Him and following His plan was best. I also liked this, from page 182: "But the Bible said, There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear," and Mary would rest in that."

As for the big of detective work in the story, I see other reviews mentioning the similarities between Through Waters Deep and Nancy Drew books. I can see a bit of that. So for people who enjoy books like Nancy Drew, I think this book would be a good fit for you.

I think part of the reason Through Waters Deep didn't overly appeal to me was because of the era. I enjoy other historical eras, such as pioneer and Victorian. The reason I chose to review this book was a) I always judge a book by it's cover, and b) I thought I'd give the WWII era a shot. 

While it wasn't my cup of tea, those who like this historical era may find the book to their liking. If that's you, check it out.

What was the best book you've read this summer?

Reviewed by Becca

Disclosure: Although I was given the book to review, all opinions and reviews are my own.