Monday, May 25, 2015

Dave's Gourmet Review

Dave's Gourmet recently gave us the opportunity to try out three of their pasta sauces.

We are always excited for any excuse to eat pasta, so we were happy to have these sauces to try out and review.

These sauces are high quality, and I love the simple look of the labels.

The Red Heirloom Sauce is bursting with flavor. I love this stuff! It has plenty of good tomato taste but also has the tastes of herbs and is just really fresh, overall. This sauce is a nice consistency, too, and it is delicious with any kind of pasta.

The Roasted Garlic and Sweet Basil Sauce is delicious. You can definitely taste the garlic and the basil, in addition to the tomato and the other vegetables that are in there. This sauce has perfect flavor when used as a spaghetti sauce and it really tastes like something that would be served in a restaurant.

This sauce also makes for a really delicious "chili" when mixed with black beans. I simply heated some seasoned black beans with some of this sauce and crushed red pepper flakes, and it made for a great meal.

The Butternut Squash Sauce is full of flavor. This sauce is sweet and a little bit spicy. This sauce captures the squash flavor while also holding some complexity.

Thank you, Dave's Gourmet, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Pizza Night with Rustic Crust!

Rustic Crust recently provided us with pizza crusts and sauces to review.

Rustic Crust makes eating healthier pizza easy, with their pre-made crusts and packages of sauces. The pizzas only take minutes to put together and only around 10 minutes to bake. They are great for busy nights for families. They are also a healthier option than store-bought pizza in that they contain unbleached whole grain flours, no trans fat and no added sugar. They are made with all natural ingredients and contain no GMOs. All a family has to do is add their favorite toppings to the pizza and bake it! In just a matter of minutes, the aroma of a homemade pizza will be filling the air, making mouths water.

I know mine was!

This pizza comes in handy when you and your family have that pizza craving.

The first pizza I tried was the Sea Salt and Basil Ciabatta Flatbread. This crust could have used more sauce than the one packet it came with. It was a bit dry. But the crust itself was a bit moist, very chewy, with crunchy edges. This pizza was very good as a snack right out of the fridge too.

The second pizza we tried was the (Flatbreads) Crispy Thin Crust. I tried it when my younger brother was over. We both enjoyed it very much. The crust around the edges was crispy, and the crust toward the center was soft. It was good fresh out of the oven and also good as a snack after it was refrigerated. The amount of sauce in the packet was perfect for this pizza.

The last crust we tried was the (Flatbreads) Cheesy Herb crust. I made it when my brothers were over one evening. They all enjoyed it. They said it tasted like "restaurant pizza." My brother who tried the thin crust and liked it liked this one even more. I think the sauce packet had the perfect amount of sauce for this pizza crust.

As you can see, Rustic Crust offers a variety of pizza crusts for you and your family. Ready to try some? Check out Rustic Crust's website to see where they are available near you.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Disclosure: Although we were given the pizza to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Reviewed by Becca

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alma Olive Oil

We were recently given the opportunity to try out the Alma Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This olive oil is high quality and I was very excited to put it to use.

In addition to the Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we were given to try out Alma also offers vinegar products, organic oils, beauty products, and more.


We used this olive oil in a hummus recipe that we have used many times before and we were very happy with the results. There are some olive oils out there that are really strong and overwhelming in flavor, but this oil blends right in with the food that we used it in.

We also used the oil on an artisan pizza that we created. This pizza was loaded with tomato and garlic flavor, and the olive oil helped to add to all of that. The oil also looked beautiful on the pizza, as seen in the picture.

The Alma Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we were given to review is a top quality oil and one that we really enjoyed. This oil is something that we found great for a variety of purposes.

Thank you, Alma, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the olive oil to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Block Island Organics Sunscreen Review and Special Offer

Summer is just around the corner. Have you decided which sunscreen you and your family will be using in the upcoming months?

Block Island Organics recently gave us a bottle of their 30 SPF sunscreen to review. This sunscreen contains no parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, dyes or artificial fragrances. Basically, it doesn't contain all the harmful chemical and additives that many sunscreens contain.

The sunscreen seemed a bit more liquid than other sunscreens I've used, which made it easier and quicker to apply. There was no scent to it, which I appreciated.

I applied the sunscreen before being out in the warm sunlight for a few hours. It worked well, as I didn't end up with the sunburn I would have otherwise. I look forward to using it all summer and hopefully avoiding any sunburns.

If you're looking for healthier products, I think you'll be happy with Block Island Organics. They are committed to producing safe, non-toxic skincare that is affordable. Aside from sunscreen, they also produce moisturizers and facial cleansers.

You can purchase Block Island Organics products on their website here or find a store that carries it here

Want to go purchase? Here's the special offers from Block Island Organics: There is free shipping from their website on orders over $50, plus when you sign up to receive their special offers, you get 15% off your order.

What is your favorite sunscreen for summer?

Reviewed by Becca

Disclosure: Although we were given the sunscreen to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

AboutTime Protein Product Review

AboutTime recently gave us the opportunity to try some of their protein products.

These products are just a small sampling of what they have to offer, as they have a wide variety of food products available. They offer vegan protein, protein pancake mix, meal replacement bars, and more.

The ProHydrate in Orange Mango is so cool. I had never seen a protein product like this one before, and I love the idea! This is a simple and easy way to consume protein, a fun twist on other options.
This "juice" tastes good, about like any flavored water out there.

I loved the simplicity of the Whey Protein Isolate bottle. This chocolate flavored protein product was so simple to use. I filled the bottle with water while staying at my sister's house, shook it, and had a convenient and healthy breakfast away from home.

The Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate has a good, creamy vanilla flavor. This protein powder mixed well with water to make a lightly flavored drink.

I used the Birthday Cake Whey Protein Isolate in a smoothie with milk and bananas and it really brought a cake flavor to the treat. I added some sprinkles on top for extra fun and they added to the whole cake experience.

The Banana Whey Protein Isolate brings about a smooth finish when used in a smoothie. It has a good banana flavor to it, which I found tasty when mixed with the frozen banana chunks that I used.

The Dark Chocolate Brownie bar tastes like a nut filled brownie. This bar truly captures a dark chocolate flavor and also holds the crunch and flavor that nuts bring about.

The Pecan Pie bar came in handy as an after-work snack. It had a sweet flavor and was a filling and healthy snack to have on-hand.

The Island Coconut bar only contains 3 ingredients! It had a good chewy texture. The flavor tasted faintly of coconut. It had a good source of protein and made for a filling mid-afternoon snack.

The Playing Card Workout is a fun set of cards that each feature a different exercise on them. There are various ways that you can play with these cards - each ensuring a good workout.

Thank you, AboutTime for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Really Raw Honey Review

Really Raw Honey recently provided us with a jar of their pure "straight from the hive" honey to review.

This honey has a very creamy, rich-looking appearance. The flavor matches, as it is rich, smooth, and very sweet.

I like using honey as a sugar substitute in recipes. I also like finding recipes that include honey. A favorite snack that I like to make that includes honey is this peanut butter fudge. It only contains four simple ingredients. Check it out!

Really Raw Honey is a small, family-run company. The honey is packed on-site and is not heated.

Interested in purchasing some? Really Raw Honey offers free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.! Check out their selection of honey, place your order, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Reviewed by Becca :)

Disclosure: Although we were given the honey to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Big Tree Farms Review

Big Tree Farms recently gave us the opportunity to try out some of their high quality products.

The Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is certified fair trade, GMO-free, sustainably harvested, and a one to one sugar replacement.

I found it interesting that the Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is derived from the nectar of the blossom of the coco nuciferas tree, I just assumed it was made from the actually meat of a coconut or something.

The Organic Coconut Palm Sugar works great as a sweetener for baked goods!

The Raw Cacao Butter is high quality and an interesting ingredient. We had never worked with cacao butter before, but we created a rich and delicious homemade chocolate with it, the cacao powder, and stevia. This is a treat that we can enjoy and feel good about, and it is high in quality thanks to these great products.

The Peeled Cacao Beans are high quality and full of flavor. They are crunchy and tasty on their own, but they are also great as a topping for treats such as our homemade chocolate.

I love the fact that the Cacao Powder contains antioxidants and mineral energy benefits. This makes me feel good about adding it to my smoothies and to baked goods. I love the chocolate flavor of this powder and I love how fine it is. This is an excellent addition to my breakfast smoothies and was also delicious in brownies and the homemade chocolate that we mixed up.

Thank you, Big Tree Farms, for this opportunity!

Disclosure: Although we were given the products to review, all opinions and reviews are our own.